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Me lifting some bananas.

Hi! I’m Abel, a Full Stack Developer who loves coding and technology in generall.

That guy in the picture is me, back in 2008, before I began to code.

I come from the beautiful Canary Island La Palma but for several years now, I have made Austria my home.

Throughout most of my career, I was quite focused on developing with Python and Django, but in the last years, I have been learned to love TypeScript and frameworks like Next.js 💙.

My blog

In my blog I (and LLMs 🤖) write about coding-related topics.

The primary goal of my blog has always been to experiment and explore new technologies rather than getting more views.

The initial version of my blog was launched in 2021 using Django, Django templates, and Bootstrap. Over time, the blog evolved significantly: it incorporated htmx and even implemented a REST API. This version is still live and can be found at https://abelcastro.dev/blog.

There is also an Angular version (which may no longer be functional) in https://ng.abelcastro.dev.

The latest iteration was developed with Next.js and Tailwind, and this is the version I recommend you visit.

Please note that all opinions expressed on the blog are my own.


Sports Dashboard 2.0
Sports Dashboard

Displays the results and standings of the most popular sports leagues. Made with an Angular frontend and a Django backend.

You can find more details in this blog post.

Basic analytics
Basic Analytics

My self made and hosted alternative to Google Analytics. Made with Django, DRF, Bootstrap and Chart.js.

You can find more details in this blog post.

Other Stuff

I regularly work on other projects and experiment with new ideas. Check out my GitHub profile to see what I’ve been up to.